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1981 had been a very good year and 1982 already spread its wings.

Antenna troubles & Argentina
During the early part of the January transmission, FRS-Holland was received in the U.S.A, quite exceptional knowing this happened after 09.00 GMT, a time when chances of being received across the Atlantic are virtually nil. On Saturday January 31st, one day before the 5th Sunday transmission together with E.M.R., it was discovered that two of the ropes which were permanently hanging on the location since a few months, were pulled out of the trees. In the darkness one new piece of rope was thrown into a tree and the following morning the FRS people were unsuccessful in getting the missing rope on the right place. Therefore only one aerial could be hung up and thus 6250 remained silent that Sunday. Also QSL NorbertScheel_21-02-1982_50in February FRS-Holland was only on 41 metres. It was a cold sunny day and conditions apperared to be excellent. Nobody could imagine that it was a kind of historical day in the life of the station because the surprise came a few weeks later when Peter V. received a package of mail containing reception reports for the February broadcast. When opening the package he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a letter/report from as far away as Argentina. "
It's hard to describe how you feel at such moment. It was like a dream and I just couldn't believe it. January already proved much was possible under these superb propagation conditions but let's be honest, this surpassed our wildest expectations. The distance was approx. 10,000 kilometres and our actual output was 10,0000 ... milliwatts. One milliwatt for each kilometre!” FRSH letter_Argentina-MardelPlata_Febr1982_500

Programme changes
Programme-wise there were a number of changes in the first eight months of 1982. Chris stopped presenting the German Service for the time being but afterwards it turned out that his January 1982 Show was the last one he did for FRS-Holland. However: he became co-presenter of the ILLS, together with Peter V. George Strong was taking over the German Service as from March 1982 onwards. We asked him to recall a few memories from the period he worked for FRS-Holland Through the years he remained a faithful listener of the FRS programmes on SW. And: he would again surface on the station many, many years later….

During the 3rd Sunday of March 1982 problems arose with the 48 mb transmitter and for a long time FRSH would only be broadcasting on 7315 kHz within the 41 mb range. Very stimulating for the deejay crew was the good news which was brought by the German KDKC magazine, a German news bulletin very popular because of its comprehensive news coverage of the SW free radio scene. FRSH was chosen as the number 1 SW hobby pirate by its readers.KDKC poppoll_March1982_1 KDKC poppoll_March1982_2A great success after just 20 months of broadcasting which was sadly overshadowed by the fact Joop ter Zee announced he was going to leave FRS-Holland. Joop was involved with the station right from the very beginning and played an important role as the main responsible person for all those freaky and well-produced jingles still being popular nowadays among many of FRS-Holland's 'senior' listeners.

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