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On Sunday January 15th 1984 FRS-Holland opened with fresh courage: the new programme schedule was officially introduced.

a Balance between Music & Information
Underlying idea: 'a Balance between Music & Info'. Peter V. explains….

“Our main idea was that there had to be something for everyone. The average SW Sunday morning DX-er is not only interested in music, he's also keen in getting information. So we thought it would be a good idea to have a continuous variety in the programme offer keeping music & info in balance with each other. Of course this was more or less already the case in our old programming but we wanted to add that little extra.”
Main changes were a number of new programmes & new programme ideas as well as brandnew jingles, ordered from famous UK based Alfasound. FRS also introduced a slogan: 'FRS-Holland, Just a Bit Different' [click on jingle]. The new schedule is shown in the table and this programme concept would become very familiar among SW listeners. No less than 6 hours of non stop Sunday entertainment.  

    10.00     FRS Magazine- Peter V. & Joop ter Zee
    10.45     FRS Gold- Barry Stephens
    11.15     FRS Goes DX- Peter Verbruggen
    12.00     Musical Express- Bert van Leer & Fred van Es   
    12.45     Free Radio Spot
    13.15     Sounds Alternatives- Joop ter Zee
    14.00     ILLS part 1- Chris & Peter
    14.30     German Service- Danny Kay
    15.15     ILLS part 2 - Chris & Peter
    15.45     FRS Goes Nuts (produced by Joop ter Zee)
    16.00     Close Down. All times mentioned in CET.      


On January 29th it was the first time a scheduled 5th Sunday transmission was put on the air since October 1982. Not via Delmare's outlet but via the station relaying FRSH already a few times in the first half of 1983. Already after 25 minutes a move from 7317 to 7320 had to be made because Spectrum World Broadcasting also used 7317 kHz. Other spare X-tals were not available and the slight move to 7320 didn't improve the situation, so a repeat of the 5th Sunday was carried out a week later on the 5th of February. From all corners of Europe reports were received.


Fred van Es leaves, Delmare raided
It was February when, after nearly 3.5 years, Fred van Es was forced to leave the station because of his study. Bert van Leer, who did already a few jingle productions, took over the Musical Express. Another man from the first moment, Chris, left FRSH because of private circumstances. His involvement in the ILLS would be sadly missed. His final show was in March. 
February was, when looking at the listener's response, a satisfactory transmission. In March the tapes didn't arrive in time resulting in a 4th Sunday transmission rather than a 3rd one. On Monday March 26th Delmare caused commotion: the Belgian authorities raided the station because of medium wave transmissions on 227m, carried out with the same transmitter being used for the SW broadcasts. That was one day after the FRS relay. A very bad moment for FRS-Holland as the new schedule was gaining more and more recognition with the new programme formula. It was the second setback within a 14 months period. The end of regular third Sunday transmissions, at least for the time being .... The Belgian authorities didn’t confiscate the complete former military transmitter: with its 700 kilos the rig was far too heavy to be moved from the location. A number of vital parts wereconfiscated, the remaining part was put under seal. The March programme cassettes (three Agfa C120s) which were kept in the Delmare studio, were confiscated as well. Apart from a 30 minute relay on Sunday April 15th with a very weak signal, FRSH remained silent. Although….we arranged a third Sunday of May relay but the responsible person called off for personal reasons. He was not to blame, knowing he had good reasons (and had already carried out a number of FRS relays in the past). Despite the constant doubts about resuming regular broadcasts, the FRS people decided to order a set of brand new jingles via Steve England’s famous UK based Alfasound/Tapetrix company.

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