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FRS was delighted with the new site not depending on foreign relays and allowing to use its very own powerful rig. Quite obvious there was no doubt at all when  the  location was once again offered for the 1996 X-Mas broadcast for Sunday December 22nd. This time erecting the aerial went smooth and  both 6243 signal and modulation were fine that day. A total of six hours of programmes were aired: nothing but 70s oldies were played in the X-Mas shows trying to play a mix of popular records and rare stuff .The shows included various interesting items including the deejays' personal 1970s top 3. Sunday December 29th FRS rang out the year with another 24 hour broadcast on 6400 via RFL. During this occasion nothing but 80s classics were played. [Extracts FRS broadcast December 29th 1996 via RFL] Late 1996 Joop ter Zee finished work on a brand newFRS-Holland website: A mouthful and not one easily to remember. Apart from the earlier mentioned  Joop ter Zee e-mail address a second address was added: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. From December onwards FRS Sales Productions offered a complete revised catalogue. 1996 had certainly been a better year compared with 1995: five regular broadcasts along with a 5th Sunday one. We were quite happy and satisfied.


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FRS-Holland on Sunday June 19th 2011 (evening broadcast) on 7685 kHz {youtube}9n-UI8ERJZM{/youtube}.
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