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Holiday Season
The 1992 Holiday Season was- looking at the number of broadcasts- quite eventful! Sunday December 20th a 4 hour X-Mas broadcast was put out from two different locations. The first two hours on 6210 via the FRS site with 150W followed by two hours on 6200 with 200W. Apart from this, there was more FRS activity over the Holiday Season. X-Mas Eve saw an extra broadcast between 18:00- 21:15 CET on 3910. That one was repeated X-Mas Day 09:00- 12:15 CET on 7380 kHz. Yet another 76 mb broadcast on 3915 was made that same evening between 20:00- 00:30 CET. It was a complete repeat of the December 20th programmes via a Scottish relay. Boxing Day the Scottish station repeated the shows on 6280 and 15045 kHz but due to TV interference the relay only took an hour and both transmitters went off air.  Finally on Sunday December 27th between 05:00- 08:00 CET FRS tested with just over 500W to North America. Response was nil!  

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FRS goes DX edition 120 was the final 1992 one being sent out December 16th. At the same time it would be the final one in A5 format...a new style FRS goes DX would be published as from 1993 onwards. FRSgoesDX 120_NovDec1992_AltThoughts_FRSgoesDX 120_NovDec1992_cover_FRSgoesDX 120_NovDec1992_back_





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