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Following a few set backs in the second half of 1993 (for instance no traditional X-Mas Party), FRS was determined to start the New Year 1994 with a loud bang.

Relays via WGAS...poor conditions
For the second time WGAS- the World Greatest Anorak Station- would act as relay station. But prior to that, FRS got an unexpected offer for January 9th. At 11:45 UTC programmes commenced on 6219 but soon a move to 5944 had to be made. This unusual switch was announced live on air by the responsible station OP. Too much interference (powerhouse on 5955) resulted in a yet another switch to 6229 and finally FRS ended up where it started that morning: 6219. One week later on the 16th, FRS chose to use 7414 kHz within the 41 mb. That would be in favour of continental listeners, taking advantage of the longer path of the 41 mb signal (emanating from the UK). Conditions appeared to be rather weird- in The Netherlands almost 2 hours non reception and in Germany a lFRSgoesDX 129_MayJune1994_Coveristenable signal- and January would be the start of a very poor period. We were afraid the planned February broadcast would be subject to poor conditions. Indeed! On February 20th poor conditions  ruled during the WGAS relay
.At 13.57 CET the transmitter left the airwaves: both tape machine and programme tapes were stolen.
The transmitting equipment was left untouched.... As a result no 14:00- 18:00 hours repeat took place. WGAS agreed to repeat the shows March 6th. Luckily Peter had copies of the programming. Next WGAS relay was on April 24th on a new channel: 6220 operated in parallel with 7419. For only this occasion FRS was to be relayed on two parallel frequencies. This time a more or less strong signal on 48 but a very poor modulation. 7419 was weak or non-receivable most of the broadcast. So far 1994 was very disappointing with a lack of quality signals and poor listener’s response.

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Six month break
FRSH went silent for 6 months. Looking back we didn’t regret the decision to take that long break as propagation continued to be very poor that Summer. Despite the lack of broadcast activities, the 1994 summer brought some exciting news. ‘FRS Goes DX’ subscribers received early July edition #129 which was totally restyled. The slogan we used in those days was: ‘FRS Goes FX, thé magazine for the internationally orientated radio listener.’ A new promo spot supported the restyled magazine, the spot is to be heard in the above audioclip from February 20th 1994. What once was a simple news sheet, had developed in a stylish and informative radio magazine. Completely different news came from De Hague. Peter Verbruggen explains.... 
FRSgoesDX_129_MayJune1994_Editorial.pdf  (three pages serve as an example for the restyled FRS goes DX)

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