"EMR - One Last Time For Tom Taylor"

Here’s some final information regarding  the Tom Taylor tribute.The Tribute Programme is now complete and the first broadcasts began on Saturday 17th February. The programme is broadcasted on a number of Short Wave outlets around the world.In addition, there is also a continuous high quality internet stream which is currently testing and will broadcast the tribute on a rotating basis for the period from Saturday 17th February until the first week of March. The stream will also carry some old EMR archived programming and also some other radio documentaries such as The EMR History, The Great British Pirate Era, On The Run and more. The main programme (tribute) is entitled “EMR - One More Time For Tom Taylor". It was written and narrated by Steve Silby and produced by Mark Stafford. There will be several broadcasts on short wave and a non-stop stream on the world wibe web.

Sunday February 18th
On 6070 khz  08:30- 10:00 CET & 15:30- 17:00 CET.

Monday  February 19th to Friday 23rd
On 6160 kHz: 11:00- 13:00 CET/ 15:00- 17:00 CET.
On 3975 kHz: 13:00- 15:00 CET/ 17:00- 19:00 CET/ 21:00- 23:00 CET.
This is a two hour repeating block. The tribute starts 40 minutes into the first hour of each block. 

Monday & Tuesday February 19th/20th WBCQ from the USA will run the Tribute programme on 7490 kHz. On the 19th 09:00- 10:00 Eastern Time and on the 20th 03:00- 04:00 CET. In addition we received some last minute information from IRRS’ Alfredo Controneo.The tribute program to Tom Taylor will be aired by NEXUS-IBA on IRRS-Shortwave at the following times/days:
Fri Feb. 23, 2018 there will be streaming at at  01:00 UTC/ 03:29 UTC/ 06:00 UTC/ 09:00 UTC/ 15:00 UTC/ 19:00 UTC/ 22:00 UTC;
Fri, Feb 23, 2018  7290 kHz @ 150 kW to EU and 846 kHz to Southern Europe;
Sat Feb. 24, 2018 at  09:00 UTC  streaming and 9510 kHz @ 150 kW to EU;
Sat Feb. 24, 2018 at  21:30 UTC  streaming and 846 kHz to South Europe;
Sun Feb. 25, 2018 there will be streaming at at  00:00 UTC/ 02:00 UTC/ 09:00 UTC/ 12:00 UTC/ 22:00 UTC  and 846 kHz to South Europe;
Sun Feb. 25, 2018 at  12:00 UTC 9510 kHz @ 150 kW to EU and 846 kHz to South Europe.
Streaming on IRN at or: direct URL: .

Until early March there’s an Internet stream under the name European Music Radio. This stream can be heard at . Or, by searching Shoutcast or internet radio Apps (such as the excellent XiiaLive - Internet Radio App – available free for Android and iPhones) for European Music Radio. This EMR Tribute Stream is set up to provide a series of relays of the Tribute Programme "EMR - One Time For Tom Taylor". It features the story of Tom's time on radio and the story of EMR as told by many of Tom's radio friends and colleagues. Along the way this channel will also carry some historic EMR footage- programmes, jingles etc.- and a number of interesting radio documentary programmes. 
The stream runs at 01:00/ 05:00/ 09:00/ 13:00/ 17:00 & 21:00 CET. That makes 6 blocks each lasting 4 hours including the main Tribute as well historic EMR footage and radio docs. 
If there’s more or new info, you will read it on the FRS site!

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