FRS Test & Seasonal broadcast

On the 3rd Sunday of December, the 17th, FRS-Holland will be airing its Seasonal December broadcast on 7700//9300 kHz. Programmes will run from 08:30- 13:30 UTC/ 09:30- 14:30 CET. Official programming will commence at 09:00 UTC/ 10:00 CET. The complete FRS team will join the party including Dave Scott, Jan van Dijk, Roger Davis, Bert van Leer & Peter Verbruggen. Traditionally it will be a mix of carefully selected rock music and a number of (radio related) programme items. Programming includes FRS goes DX with news from the world of (free) Radio. Seasonal greetings are welcome and can be mailed to [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] but please don't wait too long!  Keep in mind that a week later- on X-Mas Eve- there might be a complete repeat including a 48 metre frequency instead of 9300 kHz/ 31 metres. Keep an eye on your mailbox or take a look at our website. Detailed info including our programme schedule and streams will be published next weekend (December 10th).

This Sunday December 3rd FRS will be twice testing both transmitters on 7700//9300 kHz. The first test commences at 09:00 UTC/ 10:00 CET. The second will be aired later in the afternoon. We hope to start no later than 15:00 UTC/ 16:00 CET but that's not 100% certain. It might be a bit earlier. XMas Tree(3).jpg

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FRS-Holland on Sunday June 19th 2011 (evening broadcast) on 7685 kHz {youtube}9n-UI8ERJZM{/youtube}.
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