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The FRS-Holland Seasonal broadcast went out on Sunday December 29th. From 08:52 UTC/ 09:52 CET onwards the FRS programmes were aired on 7700//5800 kHz. Looking at the band conditions we may conclude it could have been worse: in the days before and after XMas, conditions were very poor and that was nót the case on the 29th. In the past few years FRS wasn't particularly 'lucky' when it comes to band conditions during the festive 'end of the year' broadcast. But:still we were unlucky as in the days before XMas the modulation transformer of the 7700 transmitter blew and it caused the amplifier also to go faulty. Result: 7700 kHz went out with reduced power. Although the 5800 TX is by far the smaller one (when it comes to power), the 5800 signal went out well.
Nothwithstanding we realize that in some regions depending on the 7700 signal, reception was disappointing. We apologize for that but please realize this is beyond our control. At the same time we would have loved to see the 7700 TX operating on full power. Thanks to our dedicated engineer 7700 was on air, despite the mod transformer problem. By the way: programmes were aired twice and part of the programming even went out after 19:30 UTC (a 3rd run). Fact is FRS crossed the Atlantic and was heard on both frequencies in the USA & Canada.

There are two important changes in the streaming schedule, which was published the week before Christmas. The stream which was scheduled for Monday December 30th has to be cancelled. It may go out on an alternative date not too long after New Year's Day. Check our website for latest news! The stream from New Year's Eve has been brought forward and now starts at 12:00 UTC/ 13:00 CET.


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