Looking back on December 17th

Dear FRS listeners,

Knowing that quite a few of you were eagerly awaiting our Seasonal broadcast,  it’s more or less our duty to inform about yesterday’s happenings. Sometimes there are days a lot goes wrong. All of our team did his very best to produce a good and interesting show. But we have learnt that you cannot always control everything. Due to ‘circumstances’ programmes started at 10:40 CET instead of 09:30. That was when 20 minutes remained of FRS Magazine. At a moment that Bert van Leer’s show had to be played, the German Show was repeated (although already played). From that moment all shows were played in the right order and after official close down a full repeat was done on both freqs except the last hour when only 7700 remained on air and 9300 was off air. It was  21:00 hours CET when the broadcast ended! Band conditions were far from good yesterday. Very noisy bands. Nevertheless 7700 did quite well, in particular in the afternoon. 9300 lacked from the usual loud audio. That had a techical cause. At 16:00 hours CET we had planned a first of a series of streamings but something happened what we didn’t experienced before: the transferring of files failed. So…no streaming at all. Looking back, no one is to blame, just a combination of  factors. Bad luck…

Upcoming Sunday, Christmas Eve December 24th, we will give it a second try. Most likely on 48 metres and 7700 kHz. We will send out a mail as soon as we know at what time we will start. Next Saturday & Sunday will also see Internet streams: see the news item about last Sunday’s broadcast, that includes a full schedule.

Have a good week,
73s, FRS crew

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