FRS aims at providing a balanced 'diet' of music and information for as many listeners as possible. True Sunday entertainment on SW, that's what it is all about! We try to keep the programme standard as high as possible offering a wide variety of programmes presented by an experienced crew of deejays. This is a solid basis to achieve our goal. Besides, we hope that our programming greatly adds to maintain the listeners’ interest in Free Radio. Broadcasting on SW makes the world smaller and keeps the communication between all sorts of people going. Radio Format

FRSH programmes are primarily aimed at an audience in Central and Western Europe. For that reason our shows are presented in mainly English, a tiny little bit of Dutch and not to forget German: since the beginning FRS has always had a fairly large German following. We do play a wide variety of quality pop music emphasizing on rock covering the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s & 2000s. Current hits are rarely played, instead we try to play music which isn't heard that often on the radio stations these days. That doesn’t mean we don’t play new tracks! Programmes like the German Service, FRS Magazine & Radiowaves certainly pay attention to new tracks which mostly do not fit the catagory ‘hits’. In addition we try to keep the listeners well-informed in the world of (free) radio. Most SW listeners are people having a keen interest in (free) radio. For that reason we feel very strongly about providing radio news/ information. Remember one of our slogans: "a balance between music and information". FRS goes DX is informs the listeners about a wide range of radio and more specifically: free radio related items. Each programme contains, apart from the music, radio related items (see later). Of course we do appreciate listener’s input/ letters. In the past we ran a mailbox show (the ILLS), nowadays listener’s letters/ reports are handled in most FRS shows.
Programmes are presented by Jan van Dijk, Peter Verbruggen, Dave Scott, Paul Graham and last but not least Roger Davis. Bert van Leer returned in 2015 to the station after 28 years!
A typical FRS Sunday includes…

  • FRS Magazine: this show features mainly music from the 1980- present period, a preview on ‘FRS Goes DX’, the Day Calendar flashing back to anniversaries and events on this date in the past. Hosted by Peter Verbruggen.
  • German Service: Jan van Dijk mainly concentrates on recent/ new music tracks. In addition "Forgotten pirate" and "Uplink" (featuring an interesting Free Radio website) are part of his show.
  • Radiowaves is presented by Dave Scott featuring great modern progressive rock. His show also includes a landbased free radio on short wave recording.
  • 1980s Show is Paul Graham’s show focusing on that great 1980s era. Regularly Paul includes in his show a recording of a landbased free radio station.
  • FRS Golden Show is hosted by Roger Davis remeniscing all those forgotten 60s & 70s forgotten oldies but goldies. Being familiar with the offshore radio scene from the past, Roger includes an offshore recording from days gone by in his nostalgia hour.
  • FRS goes DX is FRS’ longest running show and is hosted by Peter Verbruggen. The programme aims at radio enthusiasts & Dxers keeping them informed of what happens in the wonderful world of (free) radio. The latest develop ments are reported and is one of the very few DX Shows in the Free Radio world these days. The programme is produced and presented by Peter Verbruggen.
  • Musical Express used to be part of FRS' very first schedule back in August 1980. The programme continued with (first) presenter Fred van Es and his successor Bert van Leer until 1987. Because of Bert van Leer's return on FRS (late 2015), the idea was to re-introduce the Musical Express in our schedule. Bert plays a mix of pop music, mainly from 70s, 80s & 90s.

Listeners' mail is handled in all shows except FRS goes DX.
On special occasions such as Christmas/ December or anniversaries, FRS-Holland can (will) depart from its usual programme output.

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