FRS on air Sunday August 6th

Our first Summer evening broadcast took place last Sunday July 30th from 19:52- 23:00 CEST. FRS was active on 7700//6284 kHz. 48 metres ran on reduced power. All in all we are not unhappy with the results. From time to time 6284 suffered from an annoying digital signal on 6290. 7700 did very well but particularly during the first part of the broadcast there was much static and crackling in the atmosphere. So far e-mail reports came in from all over Europe. We have decided to repeat the complete broadcast next Sunday August 6th at the same time slot: 19:52- 23:00 CESTFrequencies will be 7700// 48 mb (yet unknown which frequency). For next Sunday the schedule remains the same, see below. Remember there will be a number of Internet streams this week (august 3rd, 5th & 6th). For details see below. 
FRS will be back with fresh programmes (including all presenters) on the final August Sunday, the 27th. More details will follow in a few weeks!

FRS-HOLLAND Programme Schedule for Sunday July 30th 2017
UTC Time Programme CEST Time
17:52 Station-opening: ID's & Theme tune 19:52
18:02 FRS Magazine presents Made in Holland- Peter Verbruggen with music from Dutch artists/ bands from the 1965-1975 era. Peter will also feature radio news and a number of memorials connected with former offshore jocks who passed away recently. And: there’s a tunes item. 20:02
19:30 Dave Scott's Radiowaves: this time Dave will feature an oldies show celebrating 50 years since the 1967 Summer of Love. 21:30
20:00 FRS Magazine (cont.)
21.30 Close down 23:00

Choosing for ‘the best of both worlds’ FRSH goes for broadcasting on short wave in good old AM and digital high quality web streaming. That means you can make their choice out of two possibilities: [] and [
[] à Thursday August 3rd 18:00- 21:00 UTC/ 20:00- 23:00h CEST and a repeat on Saturday August 5th 08:00- 11:00 UTC/ 10:00- 13:00 CEST.[] à Sun August 6th 14:00-17:00 UTC/ 16:00- 19:00 CEST and a repeat from 17:00-20:00 UTC/ 19:00- 22:00 CEST.

Correct reception reports include: date + time of reception, QTH, frequency, your receiver/antenna and most important: a number of programme details (artists/records etc.). In case you are forwarding an MP3 file (which is much appreciated!) please make sure you include: date, time, frequency QTH within the file name! Thanks in advance! E-mails including correct reception reports to < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > will be consequently replied by our E-QSL.If you prefer a good looking high quality color QSL (hard copy) ánd large colour sticker (plus personal letter), you must write to our Herten maildrop!! Please enclose 3 US dollars or 3 Euro. Please do not send any IRCs!

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