FRS 40th Anniversary Booklet & CD

FRS 40th Anniversary Booklet
Booklet 40years front
This 32 page booklet contains: 

  • The story behind the 40th anniversary broadcast
  • a Potted FRS Jingle history
  • The complete FRS Top 40 with the stories behind
  • Reflections on 4 decades of shortwave broadcasts
  • Statistics & Numbers
  • Interesting listeners’ contributions
  • Numerous pictures, FRS logos etc. All in full colour!  


FRS 40th Anniversary CD

On this high quality 80 min. CD:

  • Extracts from our 200th broadcast August 30th 2020
  • Extracts from FRS’ very first official broadcast back in August 1980
  • Studio extracts from our 40th Anniversary broadcast  November 8th 2020
  • a Special montage from our 40th Anniversary set of jingles
  • Hooters- 'Give Back the Music' remix story
  • FRS Meatloaf remix 'I'm Still alive'

40th Ann CD front Booklet & CD can be purchased each for only 5 euro.
Outside Europe additional costs for P&P 2,50 euro.
Send the correct amount of money in an envelope to P.O.Box 2702 in 6049 BE Herten, the Netherlands.

Alternatively you can pay via Paypal: make a payment available to [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]. Safe & easy!!


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