In Memory of Tom Taylor (Barry Stephens)

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October 19th 1980 was a black day for Tom and all others at E.M.R.: E.M.R. was raided! I remember very well Tom calling me a few hours after the raid being very embittered. He realized this could be the end of how E.M.R. was operated until then and almost immediately decided not to continue with a full monthly 3rd Sunday service. Instead he and I agreed FRS would put out E.M.R. every 3rd Sunday between 09:30- 10:30 CET prior to FRS’ regular programmes. That would continue until February 1981. After that E.M.R. moved on for two hours on 5th Sundays only. 

It was December 1980, not long after the raid, that Tom visted me taking with him two 10W SW rigs. We went together to the FRS site on December 14th carrying out a very first test on two frequencies in parallel. From that moment, thanks to Tom, FRS could be heard on two frequencies: 6250 and 7315! EMR QSL

Sunday February 15th was a rather sad day for many dedicated SW listeners. European Music Radio, the legendary UK SW hobby pirate, made its final regular 3rd Sunday transmission. More than a 100 letters poured in! I was very happy that day E.M.R.'s signals got out very well on 6250//7315 kHz from our site.  And Tom was happy as well!  It would be the last time he used the Kent Place address. Since Tom had always been so helpful and cooperative, FRSH was more than happy to have been doing  something in return.

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