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Unfortunately I have not been able to pursue the radio hobby since early 1995 due to a variety of (personal) reasons and commitments. Indeed, all my radio-related files, cassette tapes and equipment have been like scattered into storage at various locations. However, in recent times I have been accessing some of my old files and tapes and began refreshing my memory. With increasing use of the Internet finding such sites as yours, starting to scan 'items' from files and digitising tapes to computer files I am at least able to regain a little of the hobby. QSL AlbertFord 17 11 1985 2 QSL AlbertFord 17 11 1985 1
Looking now to my FRSH file. As I mentioned, my first letter to you appears to be dated 18 November 1985 (I kept handwritten carbon copies back then - no computer or even typewriter!) This included a basic reception report for Sunday 17 November 1985 and I see that I had enjoyed the variety of your programs that day. Laser and other Offshore news in FRS Goes DX, Daniel Kaye German program, mention for RN produced literature etc. Plus I gave my Christmas greetings message. I am pleased to say that in response you kindly sent me a personal letter QSL card, station sticker and info sheets which I received 10 January 1986. This was followed by a copy of FRS Goes DX issue 42 received 22 January 1986. Following my letters during October 1990 (I see that I kept a lot of program content notes in my reception report for 21 October 1990 - 0950 to 1330 UTC approx.) I am pleased to say you kindly sent me a special souvenir package containing the important 10th birthday QSL, long personal letter and copy FRS Goes DX issue 101/102 and info. sheets. I also have a few other QSL's from packages received from you between 1985 and 1990 and would be happy to try sending scans if they would be of interest. My very last letter to you appears to be dated 28 January 1991 but I have no noted response to that. Unfortunately I did not have a reception report to include on that occasion anyway. QSL AlbertFord 18 05 1986 1 QSL AlbertFord 18 05 1986 2 Between 1991 and 1995 is a mystery at the moment. Will need to research and check my old general log-books when I am able to access. Thank you & 73s, Albert E. Ford.



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