FRS on air Sunday August 26th 2018

Following two successive broadcasts on Sunday July 22nd & 29th, FRS-Holland will carry out its traditional late August Summer evening broadcast next Sunday August 26th.  
It will be the inofficial celebration of our 38th anniversary knowing FRS officially started its broadcasting life on Sunday August 31st 1980. In the past years various interesting themes were presented in our August broadcast: Made in Holland, progressive rock from Dutch bands, the 1967 Summer, Music & Radio Stories, music related to the 'Sea' topic, RNI Musical Memories etc. Also this time programmes will be thematic (see schedule below). Also this time we offer varied & interesting themes in the different  shows!
Attention: there may be- depending on SW propagation conditions- a  repeat on Sunday September 2nd. If so, you will be informed by mail (for those who are in our address book) and via this very website. Next Sunday FRS commences transmission at 17:52 UTC/ 19:52 CEST; close down will be  at approx. 21:50 UTC/ 23:50 CEST
We realize that close down is late but we feel this is the best option. Frequencies will be 48 mb (possibly 6275) and of course 7700 as well.



             FRS-HOLLAND Programme Schedule for Sunday August 26th 2018

UTC Time




Station-opening: ID's & Theme tune



Musical Express- 'Songs that you used to dance on'.
Bert van Leer kicks off  with Floorfillers, not frequently played on the radio but

popular in the disco in the 70s/80s era.



German Show- Jan van Dijk  is focusing on New Wave/ New Romantic (early 1980s).
Plus one or a few radio items.



FRS Magazine - Peter Verbruggen.
Peter Verbruggen recalls typical Big L tunes and some of their stories behind.
Back to the mid 1960s… Also some radio news items and if times allows the day calendar.



Radiowaves- Dave Scott
Classic 70s rock show with some rare tracks and of course two landbased

free radio recordings from the past.



Close down


Choosing for ‘the best of both worlds’ FRSH goes for broadcasting on short wave in good old AM and digital high quality web streaming. That means you can make their choice out of two possibilities: 

Correct reception reports include: date + time of reception, QTH, frequency, your receiver/antenna and most important: a number of programme details (artists/records etc.). In case you are forwarding an MP3 file (which is much appreciated!) please make sure you include: date, time, frequency QTH within the file name! Thanks in advance! E-mails including correct reception reports to < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > will be consequently replied by our E-QSL.If you prefer a good looking high quality color QSL (hard copy) ánd large colour sticker (plus personal letter), you must write to our Herten maildrop!! Please enclose 3 US dollars or 3 Euro. Please do not send any IRCs!

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