The period 1980-2014 is a period covering more than three decades: the 80s, 90s, the so-called noughties (2000s) and the tweenies (2010s).


It's also the period in which FRS-Holland's history so far is hidden. A story of a SW station which became popular among many, many free radio DX-ers in all corners of Europe. The story of the Free Radio Service Holland is marked by ups and downs, a story full of eventful happenings, exciting, sad, wonderful but above all true.
In the course of the 1980s FRSH developed into a station which built up a good reputation. Not to wonder: in the past 35+ years literally thousands of radio-enthusiasts enjoyed and are still enjoying FRS-Holland's programmes and have been spending much of their Sunday listening to the variety of International programmes to be heard on the station.
The complete and definitive history of FRS-Holland was to be heard during a number of festive broadcasts celebrating FRS’ 30th anniversary back in October & November 2010 and February 2011. The story is told in chronicle order and takes you back to those moments which were important in the life of the station. It's a succession of background information, programme extracts, jingles and not to forget input from former presenters and listeners. Considerable effort has been put into this documentary to give you as much as possible information how FRSH was operated in the past 3 decades and what was going on behind the scenes. This story not only gives you a lot of information about FRSH but  the world of short wave free radio in general as well. Relive 30 long years of FRS-Holland and join our journey through that big, wide wonderful world called RADIO.
Apart from the FRSH story as a comprehensive sound documentary,this very website is also providing you as a FRSH and/or short wave free radio enthusiast with the the station's full story. In case you are interested in the 18 hour FRS-Holland 1980- 2010 documentary, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Elsewhere on this website you will find detailed information as well.


The History menu is fully linked to the history of the Free Radio Service Holland as an independent free radio station. The menu consists of five separate menu-items giving you access to the successive decades in which FRSH was active: Prologue1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2009 and 2010-present.  On its turn each menu-item/ decade is linked to the various years being part of that particular decade. Every year is described as accurate as possible making use of several sources such as Peter Verbruggen's logbook, FRS goes DX magazine, FRS 30 year documentary, personal memories from various persons and cuttings from magazines. The History menu forms the heart of this website telling you in plain terms what happened in all those many, many years. The story is told in pictures & text and in addition a great number of audio cuts have been added. Several documents have been scanned in pdf and are accessible by clicking on the links. Images can be enlarged by left-clicking and there's a little mp3 player embedded in the text pages. In some cases not one but two or three audio files can be played by using the mp3 player. Alternatively (in some cases) we use a second option to play an audio clip: click on a coloured text and an alternative mp3 player appears and can be used to play a jingle or programme extract. Various text and audio files can be downloaded. Finally: this website contains an advanced search system. If you look for a specific item/topic, make sure to fill up the appropriate term(s). 

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