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The FRS-Holland format sounds different, just a bit different.
Tuesday , 11 June 2024
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Disappointing 1990 start 

FRSH_18-03-1990_TestJoopterZee [0:58]

Finally on the air

FRSH_22-04-1990_JoopterZee_first ShortSWParade [1:28]
frsh_1990-04-22_frs_johnny_best debute [5:14]

June 1990; new jingles

1990 jingles with Nolan voice overs
09:54Opening: station IDs & theme tune
10:02FRS MagazinePeter Verbruggen
10:45FRS Golden ShowJoop ter Zee
11:15FRS goes DXPeter verbruggen
12:00German ShowJohnny Best
12:45Mailbox 2727Gerd & Peter
13:15Short SW ParadeJoop ter Zee
14:00Mark Stafford ShowMark Stafford
Programme schedule June 1990

Evening & nighttime tests on 31 metres

frsh_1990-07-14_mark_stafford night time [3:21]

More tests in high frequencies

FRSH_various Off air recordings [4:05]

Activities between two broadcasts

Promo 10 Years in the Life docu [1:00]
FRS_extract 10 Years in the Life docu [2:58]

10 Years in the Life of FRS-Holland documentary

10th Anniversary On Air celebrations

Promo 10th Birthday Competition [0.52]
FRSH_21-10-1990_mixJocks(1) [3:57]
FRSH_1990-10-21_mixJocks(2) [5:43]

FRS 10 Years documentary aired

FRSH_23-12-1990_StefanKramer(debut) [4:05]

What kept FRS going…a few reflections

FRSH_October1990_JoopterZee_Lookingback [1:39]

Technical information

Mark Stafford

FRSH_late 1990_MarkStafford_Opinion [0:38]