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The FRS-Holland format sounds different, just a bit different.
Monday , 10 June 2024
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Home Recording Studios / Equipment

Recording Studios / Equipment

1980_FRSstudio-1 with first 5-channel mixer
1982_FRSstudio-2 with larger mixing desk
FRS Studio 2018 front
FRS Studio 2018 front
FRS studio 2024
  • 10-channel Dateq BCS50 mixing desk
  • Denon twin CD unit
  • Compressor/limiter & voice processor processing equipment from DBX
  • Enhancer processor from Behringer
  • Amplifier from Denon & DBX equalizer
  • Microphone (Rode Broadcaster)
  • Mini Disc player (3 from Sony, 1 from Tascam)
  • Technics SL-1210 record deck
  • Patchbay Samsom (linking all equipment)
  • Tape recorder Teac A-2300SX
  • Twin cassette player from Marantz