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The FRS-Holland format sounds different, just a bit different.
Tuesday , 11 June 2024
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More facts

  • Did you know that the FRS Listenersclub was founded in June 1982? Its main purpose was to strengthen the bond between station & listener. FRS Goes DX magazine was the perfect tool to fulfil this goal. In the 1990s FRS Goes DX had turned into an informative, good‑looking and bi‑monthly radio magazine covering a wide range of subjects primarily linked with free radio;
  • That same year- 1982- the leading popular Dutch Free Radio Magazine, better known as FRM, produced a comprehensive two‑volume story about FRS‑Holland. Coincidence or not: shortly after part 2 was out, FRSH was raided!;
  • In 1985 FRS‑Holland perhaps became the first‑ever shortwave free radio station to produce a video. Copies were sold all over Europe. The video showed the final FRS programme recordings in FRS’ very first radio studio housed at Peter Verbruggen’s attic. A second and definitive FRS video should have been produced when FRS celebrated its 20th birthday. The death of Joop ter Zee in the 2000 Summer put a spoke in our wheel and no attempts have been made since to produce a second video. By the way…there’s also video footage from FRS’ 10th Anniversary recording in Joop ter Zee’s studio (October 1990). So far these recordings have never been published;
  • The first FRS T‑shirt must be a collector’s item by now. The spot for that piece of cotton was one of the most weird and fast-moving promos ever produced by the people behind the station. Yes, you can still wear that T‑shirt, even in the church….;
  • FRS‑Holland’s first address was that famous one in the United Kingdom. It was “the home” of many well‑known British stations and E.M.R.’s With the help of Barry Stephens we were allowed to use it. At least for the first period. The address was operated by Michael Burden who was a SW enthusiast in those days. Michael was a very dedicated & reliable OP. Although it was a very long address, we must have been mentioning it hundreds of times in our programmes. Perhaps that’s the reason some FRS people still can reel off that address, even in the middle of the night… Kent Place, Norwell, Newark, Nottinghamshire in the UK. We wonder how Michael Burden is doing these days…. When the Kent Place address closed down for all stations, it was replaced by a new Dutch address. That was in May 1989. A number of sources informed us that the P.O. Box 41, 7700 AA Dedemsvaart address was very reliable and so it was for many, many years to come. Until the moment arrived when the packages containing our letters became very irregular. That was the moment for Peter Verbruggen to decide to start looking for a brand new one. After looking around for a few months Peter came up with the P.O. Box 2727, 6049 ZG Herten address. After some 8 years, it was in July 1989 that the Dedemsvaart address was exchanged for the Herten maildrop. In February 2001 FRS was forced against its will to change 2727 into P.O. Box 2702. And this address is still used much to the satisfaction of the FRS crew (and a number of collague stations as well).