FRS Newsletter/ FRS Summer Splash

The FRS-Holland format sounds different, just a bit different.
Tuesday , 11 June 2024
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Slow start of the year & collector’s items

FRSH_15-03-1992_mixPxs [6:25]

April & May

FRS_promo T-shirt 1992 [2:13]
FRSH_1992-03-15_mixPxs [6:25]
FRSH_1992-05-17_mixPxs1 [3:50]
Frsh_17-05-1992_johnny_best final [4:27]

FRS goes DX bi monthly; nightly Transatlantic tests

12th anniversary

Promo_12th Birthday transmission [1:27]
FRSH_18-10-1992_mixPxs 9:03]

Holiday Season

Promo FRSgoesDX #120 _new format Dec1993
FRSH_20-12-1992_mixPxs [7:40]
FRS goes DX #129 back
FRS goes DX #120
JtZee Alt. Thoughts
FRS goes X #120 cover