FRS Newsletter/ FRS Summer Splash

The FRS-Holland format sounds different, just a bit different.
Monday , 10 June 2024
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Short SW Parade

frsh_1998-02-22_mixJocks [4:01]

Joint FRS-E.M.R. relay; 51 mb debut

frsh_1998-04-05_mixJocks [5:41]
part of the tx set up used in April 1988. Top left: the VFO

Return German Service

frsh_1998-06-21_mark_jones debute [3:12]

IRRS relays & 18th Anniversary 

frsh_1998-10-18_mixPV_PV+JtZ [2:06]
18 Years on SW_Going for the Millennium [0.06]
18 Years on SW_Free Radio Service Holland [0.06]
18 Years on SW_Going for the Millennium [0:10]

New logo; test new transmitter; X-Mas radio

frsh_1998-12-18_peter_verbruggen [3:58]