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The FRS-Holland format sounds different, just a bit different.
Tuesday , 11 June 2024
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May…at long last the first broadcast

frsh_2005-05-01_off_beat- mark Jones’final [3:06]
frsh_2005-05-01_paul_graham [3:22]
frsh_2005-05-01_peter_verbruggen. [4:47]
frsh_2005-05-01_ills [4:07]

Mark Jones joined the FRS ranks at a moment there was no German presenter, following Stefan Kramer’s departure in August 1997. He filled up a gap and when Joop ter Zee died he and I had to fight to keep the service alive. He was a dedicated, reliable presenter who did an excellent job witness the many German listeners who listened to his ‘Off Beat show over the years. A FRS presenter in heart and soul.  I am pretty sure that without him FRS would have petered out. Thanks to Marks enthusiasm, perseverance and ideas Peter had the strength to go on. Besides: when he left, he took care of his successor. I owe him a lot!

No 25 years celebrations

FRS News #28_Why 9290

Boxing day

“Just before the end of the year I felt I had to do something on shortwave. It was too late to involve fellow presenters but I had time enough to produce a two hour show. I contacted our Latvian contact and he agreed to relay a two hour FRS show. It was far too risky to send an mp3 CD by post, so I decided to give it a try via Internet. FRS owned a website which was under construction. The site was temporarily put online for a day or so enabling the Latvian contact to download the programme via a secret link.  It worked out very well!”

frsh_2005-12-26_peter_verbruggen [4:08]