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The FRS-Holland format sounds different, just a bit different.
Monday , 10 June 2024
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2008 was past and 2009 started similar to 2006 and 2008 with a long period of non-activity. But….it would become an important year.

tests on 7.6 MHz; a turnaround

FRS news #33 Nov.-Dec. 2008 Front
Logbook Oct. 4th 2009
frsh_2009-10-04_7635_khz_test(2) [6:00]
Message_Oct4th2009_PV [1:12]

FRS back on air with full broadcast

frsh_2009-11-15_mixJocks [7:33]
Antenna new site
Antennas new site
Antenna feed

End of the year broadcast

frsh_2009-12-27_mixJocks [6:15]