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The FRS-Holland format sounds different, just a bit different.
Monday , 17 June 2024
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Programme format

The success of FRS‑Holland is certainly closely connected to the programme philosophy of the station. Even before any regular Sunday broadcasts began, Peter Verbruggen and the others realized that it was of great importance to develop a strong programme formula to entertain the listeners in the best possible way. Because of the international character of Short Wave transmissions, we felt it was a must to present multilingual programmes enabling listeners to hear their own language or an easy understandable language. Of course the staple diet of most SW pirates was in those days music. It’s difficult to give a guideline but a purely top 40 or hard rock format could only satisfy a part of the audience. Therefore FRS chose to play different styles including top 40, new wave, oldies, rock album tracks etc.
And of course it is not only the music which makes short wave interesting. There’s an ingredient which is thought to be equally or even more important: information. A DX show would fulfil the needs of many radio listeners simply because most of them are true radio enthusiasts and love to hear radio news. Peter Verbruggen succeeded in getting an informative show off the ground, with the help of numerous contributors. Preparing a serious & informative DX‑show is an enormously time‑consuming exercise and it’s up to the presenter/producer to find ways to collect all that news. In those 30+ years a solid web of correspondents & contributors has been shaped guaranteeing the listeners a 45 or even 60 minute show packed with the latest info from the wonderful world of wireless. A mailbag show is also a potential information show and right from the very first transmission a mailbag show was part of FRS’ programming. Nowadays letters are spread among the different shows rather than putting out a specific mailbag show. All ingredients are mixed up to one acceptable, well considered programme format offering the listening audience true Sunday entertainment in the best possible way. The many letters we’ve been receiving indicate we have been and still are on the right track!


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